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Admission of International Applicants

Admission of International Applicants

For purposes of admission, all persons who are not citizens or permanent residents of Bangladesh are defined as international applicants. In most cases international applicants seeking admission into NSU must meet the same academic standards for admission, as those required for native students. There are wide variations; however, between educational systems throughout the world that makes exact comparison of educational standards difficult.

International applicants are selected on the basis of their prior academic work, English proficiency, probability of success in the chosen curriculum (as evidenced by prior work in the academic area involved), and certification of adequate financial resources.


We do not provide any accomodation for International Students.

Study Details

Normally it takes atleast 12 semesters to graduate from north south university. .....................

Credit Transfer

A student may transfer a maximum of 60 credits earned at previously attended colleges and universities toward NSU degrees. Transcripts from all previously attended institutions must be submitted. Only credits on which a student has earned the grade C or above will be transferable to NSU. For purposes of transferring credits, Directors of programs and Chairs of departments will determine equivalence of courses and may also refer cases to the Equivalence Committee if needed. Transferred credits and grades are not included in calculating the GPA at NSU.