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Only 3-Steps for Undergraduate Admission Application & Admit Card

Step-1: Complete the Admission Application Online

a)      Click on Apply Online

b)      Complete the form

c)       After submitting, you must collect the application Confirmation Number & Access Code

d)      You will receive a confirmation email in your mailbox

Step-2: Payment Admission Fee (Tk 1,500)

a)     For details, please click on Payment System (How to pay your admission fee)

Step-3: Online Admit Card Print

a)      After completing your payment, Click on Print Admit Card

b)      Logon using your Confirmation Number and Access Code

c)       Print your Admit Card (note, a printer must be connected to a computer)

d)      Please check your Admit Card, there must be a Test Pass Number & Room Number


Finally , bring your printed Admit Card with you on Admission Exam day.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

The minimum qualifications for admission test:

  • Academic Qualifications:
  • Combined GPA of 8.0 in both SSC and HSC with minimum GPA 3.5 in each. OR
  • GCE O-level and A-level:
    • O-level in five subjects with Average Grade Point of 2.5 or above and A-level in two subjects with Average Grade Point of 2.0 and above; in the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 & E=1. (One ‘E’ is acceptable, either in O-levels or in A-levels) OR
  • US High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • For all programs of School of Engineering & Physical Sciences , candidates must have Math or Physics with minimum B grade in HSC or C grade in A-levels to be eligible to apply.
  • For Biochemistry and Microbiology, candidates must have Biology and Chemistry at SSC/HSC or O/A- levels to be eligible to apply.
  • For BPharm Professional, applicants must have Biology & Chemistry, with minimum B grade in HSC and C grade in A-levels to be eligible to apply.

Requirements may be changed anytime if there is a change in admission policy.

  • Acceptable scores in NSU's admission test.
  • Admission test will be waived for those who have got a minimum score of 1500 in SAT (Math + Critical Reading + Writing) and 500 in TOEFL (CBT213/IBT79) or IELTS 5.5

You may use the calculator below to determine the per semester cost of attending NSU. Please note that the calculator provides an estimate of expenses and may not reflect the complete cost of tuition, fees and other charges.

**Fin Aid Renewal Fee all 500

**Science Lab Fee For 46/49 750/- .
**Science Lab Fee For 47/48/80 500/- .
**Science Lab Fee For 15/27/29/40/42/43/44/45 500/-(if CHA101 taken)

Once you received Confirmation Number and Access Code, Follow the payment process as mentioned below.

Next Steps:

Option-1: For mobile banking (bkash Mobile Banking)


For DBBL mobile banking, select and follow the DBBL process

Option-2: If you would like to pay through credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and DBBL Nexus

Step1 - Click on "Pay Online"
Step2 - Complete the payment.
Step3 - Click on "Print Admit Card"

Option-3: Payment through Bank


o UCBL (Only Basundhara branch)
o Southeast Bank (Any branch)
o One Bank (Any branch)
o Mutual Trust Bank (Any branch)

Step1 - Provide your NSU Admission Confirmation Number to the bank teller.
Step2 - After verifying your Name and Phone number,
the bank teller will receive the payment and you will be given a bank deposit receipt.
Step3 - Click on "Print Admit Card"

If you pay Admission form fee to any other bank, your test pass will not be generated and you will not get Admit Card.


1. Your TEST PASS & ROOM NUMBER must be in your Admit card.
2. All confirmation notifications will be sent to your email address.
3. Print the card and show it to NSU Authority during Admission exam
4. For any queries, please call NSU Admission Office HotlinePhones: 880-2-55668200, Ext.4001, 5000, 5002, 5004

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